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If I would do a survey of the readers of this blog to ask the question, “Do you care about your customers?” -- my wager would be about 100% would enthusiastically answer in the affirmative. Perhaps a significant reason for such an overwhelmingly positive answer is simple: if you didn’t care abou ...

Customers' rising demands and expectations means customer experience design needs dedicated leadership. Here's why you need a CXO.

Once again, the Denver Nuggets find themselves heading into a Game 6 on the road with a 3-2 series lead. Denver’s two playoff series have played out in similar fashion, as the Nuggets also won both Games 4 and 5 in the first round. However, this time Nuggets head coach Michael Malone is looking for a different approach.

After a global pandemic transformed millions of humans into Freakers, Deacon St. John is embattled in what seems to be a never-ending fight to stay alive.

A look at the downside of user-friendly platforms, the dark web, and more.

Why plan something boring on Valentine's Day, when you can have a romantic date with speed and excitement? Bring your date to your local K1 Speed on Feb. 14 and enjoy two (2) races each for ONLY $50 ($55 in select cities), plus we'll even toss in a FREE pizza/flatbread to enjoy together after your racing! You a bachelor/bachelorette? Enjoy all four races and the pizza for yourself!

Call center and customer service teams have a variety of KPIs to choose from, but as each company and support department is different, their benchmarks will vary. Read on to learn about a few measures that are commonly tracked in call centers and customer service departments. They may just work for you, too.