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Happy people are more successful than those who are not. Get a lot happier starting right now.

As states race to be among the renewable energy leaders, industrial giants join them in striving for sustainability at their manufacturing plants.

The Business Facilities Online Site Seekers’ Guide is the most comprehensive directory of economic development organizations across the county and around the world. Updated year-round, the Online Site Seekers’ Guide includes over 1,000 listings and is used as a reference guide throughout the year by corporate site selectors
Do you have exciting news about your company that you want to share with our audience of corporate…

Many boomers say they want to work past retirement age, but employers can make that difficult, a new report says.

An expanded office space in Manhattan and six sound stages in Brooklyn will create up to $100 million in investments and thousands of jobs within five years.

Sellers are notoriously bad at asking for referrals at a business to business environment because it makes them sound needy, helpless, or desperate. How do we rectify this fearful mindset?

How do I handle an RFP or a bid? Every salesperson has struggled with this issue and I contend too much time is wasted on requests for proposals. This is one of the topics I explore in my book, High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price
Just because you have an opportunity to submit a bid doesn’t mean you should. Remember, the objective of the person putting the bid out is to get as many responses as possible. They want…

This month we are focusing on Cypress BT Pioneer Kit which has now been ported with Zerynth, which now opens up a whole new world of Python-based programming opportunities. There is also the chance to win one.

It would be very easy to be seduced into believing that in today’s selling environment the need to rigorously qualify every opportunity at the front end of the sales/buying cycle is becoming irrelevant: Competition is tougher than ever before; customers are choosing us, rather than the other way round; quotas are being missed by a country mile; the playing field has never been flatter … all…

For many movie fans, the spring and summer seasons are all about big blockbusters. We love action-packed flicks as much as the next moviegoer, but we also stay up to date with the latest indie...

Champion any 'fit when you're sporting the Repeat C 93Eighteen Shoes. These bold Champion sneakers have a custom allover print, bold branding throughout, a pull tab for easy on and off, and a comfortable chunky midsole with a black rubber outsole.

David F. Sandberg’s SHAZAM! is proving to be a nice hit for Warner Bros. and its DC film community. The superhero origin story has led the box office charge for two straight weekends and is inching...