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On April 2, members of the autism community will don blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. Here's what you should know about the Light it Up Blue campaign.

On April 1st, 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple Computer out of Job's garage in Los Altos, CA. The two geniuses joined forces to sell Wozniak's invention, the Apple I, but neither had any idea that the hobbyist

The assumed death of rapper Nipsey Hussle outside his Los Angeles store has sparked an outpouring of emotion on social media.

Enter to win two tickets to see Derek Hough at DPAC on April 13th at 8:00 PM

The deeper meaning behind the red jumpsuits, the leather glove, and Lupita Nyong’o’s costumes—according to the woman who designed them

Why aren’t Asheville's “progressive” officials challenging a GOP plan to weaken the Black vote?

The Digital Home for Duke University Professor and Left of Black host Mark Anthony Neal

In today’s world, it’s impossible for any professional to be a blank slate. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Hiram Rhodes Revels came to the Senate after the Civil War in a shining moment of triumph — a black man taking over the seat once held by Jefferson Davis. It didn’t last.

It’s a shame there isn’t a tag for stories on The Root called “dumbassery on your tax dollars,” because I promise you, there would be at least one cop story filed there every day.