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Steffanie Christi’an demonstrates how “rock ‘n’ roll” is not just a genre, it’s an adjective.

DVD - smarturl.it/HEARTRAHDVD Blu Ray - smarturl.it/HEARTRAHBR CD - smarturl.it/HEARTRAHCD Heart Live At The Royal Albert Hall - release...

When department-store workers fight, we do it fashionably. Have you ever seen a union contract campaign that featured makeovers and feather boas? Read on
We had worked hard for Macy’s, and frankly we were fed up. Like a lot of working people out there, we work for a company that’s doing fine, yet they want to cut staff and expect us to pick up the slack.
The slack, if there ever was any, was picked up a long time ago. If you’re like…

We are happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Corteva Agriscience regarding the placement of the beagles from the study. We are pleased with their decision to work with us and look forward to a new beginning for each of these animals
The beagles will be transported to our facilities within two weeks for evaluation, care and to explore placement options. We will…

The concerts will be his first metro Detroit performances since the opening of Little Caesars Arena in September 2017. Tickets go on sale April 6.

A Henry Ford sleep behavior expert answers frequently asked questions about sleep apps and how they impact sleep quantity and quality.

Click here to attend: bit.ly/2NXfbIL
NBMBAA Memphis Visionaries Luncheon Symposium: “The Impact of Disruptive Innovation in Business”, sponsored by FedEx. The Symposium will expound how “disruptors” have impacted various industries. The featured speaker for the event is Reginald Porter, SVP of Enterprise Operations, ALSAC/St. Jude. This year’s luncheon will also be the backdrop to present the 2019 Rafael R. Dodd Graduate MBA Scholarship
Featured Program -…

James has lived and worked in Detroit all his life. He has a wide range of skills that helped him excel at work, and he even started a company of his own at one point. But after some toxic relationships and a few difficult years, James ended up on the wrong path. Before long, he’d lost everything—his livelihood, savings, and home.

A Henry Ford expert highlights five natural sugar substitutes and offers strategies for reducing added sugars in the diet.

Remember as a child bringing a security blanket and/or toy to bed with you? I don’t. However, a dog named Bentley has a nightly ritual that involves bringing something from his massive toy collection to bed with him. As Mashable shares, Bentley is a minidoodle whose owner recorded his adorable habit at night. Watch the …

Our Teachers Are Ready to Help
Operated by DPSCD Teachers to support K-12 students, the Homework Hotline helps students and parents with literacy and math assignments.
1-833-466-3978 - Translation Assistance Available

It seems counterintuitive, right? Rip out eight lanes of freeway through the middle of your metropolis and you’ll be rewarded with not only less traffic, but safer, more efficient cities? But it’s true, and it’s happening in places all over the world.

Since 1979, Labor Notes has been home to the troublemaking wing of the labor movement. The pages of our magazine are filled with the stories of workers who are working to transform their unions, to take on the boss, to fight for racial justice
We believe that working people's best bet is on ourselves. That's why our trainings, and national conference, focus on connecting workers to one another across unions and industries and provide rank-and-file organizers with the tools they need to get…

A lung cancer screening recommended for those at high risk is helping to detect cancer at its earlier stages and increasing survival rates.

Two heart doctors charge they were fired from administrative leadership positions at DMC for reporting quality problems.
Mahir Elder and Amir Kaki have sued DMC and parent company Tenet Healthcare. Their lawsuit says they reported to DMC problems of dirty instruments, unnecessary procedures by othe

Police in Meridian Twp. in the Lansing area say their department failed to act to stop Larry Nassar in 2004 even after they had a complaint from a gymnast. They apologized to the former athlete, Brianne Randall-Gay last year. Since that time, she has helped the department draw up a new program of se

He's been an Oakland County elected official for more than 40 years.
L Brooks Patterson will announce his future this afternoon.
Patterson has had serious health problems, and has been in a wheelchair since a serious auto accident several years ago.
Patterson has been county executive since 1992

Watch Detroit Public TV's DEC: A Conversation with Hamilton Producer Jeffrey Seller on Livestream.com. Join the Detroit Economic Club for a conversation with Hamilton Producer Jeffrey Seller.

This school will be a great opportunity for union members, stewards, and activists to share strategies and build the solidarity required in these tough times
Workshops will include: Beating Apathy, Turning Your Issue Into A Campaign, Race and Labor: Let's Talk About It, and more
We are excited to have Rashida Tlaib, U.S. Representative for Michigan's 13th congressional district, joining a panel of autoworkers and community…