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FLORENCE, S.C. – McLeod Health-McLeod Regional Medical Center announced that it achieved the Healthgrades 2019 Outstanding Patient Experience Award.

A group of muscles in your shoulder make up the rotator cuff. Injuries can bring pain and sleepless nights. McLeod Orthopedic Specialist David Lukowski, MD, explained to a group of Brunswick County North Carolina residents how to spot and treat rotator cuff injuries.

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a non-surgical radiation therapy that treats cancerous tumors in the brain and spine. This form of treatment allows the McLeod Radiation Oncology team to deliver precisely-targeted radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy in a fewer number of treatments offering patients more convenience and a better quality of life.

Before we are born, a tiny hole exists between the two upper chambers of the heart. It helps circulate blood through the heart, because a fetus doesn't use their own lungs to oxygenate the blood. For most people, this small hole seals itself in time. Even when it doesn’t, most people are fine. But for a few, this hole creates the risk of a stroke

Despite hysterectomy ranking as one of the most common surgeries in this country, many myths or misinformation still surround this procedure.

Open the appropriate app. Take a finger and touch the top of your wrist watch. Hold this for 30-seconds while electrodes on the back of the watch detect electrical signals from your heart and looks for rhythm abnormalities.

With the scans and tests completed and a cancer diagnosis confirmed the next step is often your first appointment with an oncologist.

Over the years, automakers have used concept cars to prototype styling innovations, new technology and futuristic safety features. With a new lineup of concept vehicles about to take the stage at auto shows around the world, now’s a great time to look back at some of history’s more memorable dream cars and prototypes. Check out the first installment of the Historic Vehicle Association's two-part series.

Every heart problem doesn’t immediately lead to surgery. Treating problems with medications instead of, before or after surgery plays an important role in a heart patient maintaining their lifestyle.

Repetitive twisting or turning of your neck or a sudden jerk can trigger pain caused by a herniated disk in the upper part of the spine. McLeod Spine Surgeon W.S. (Bill) Edwards explains how to spot the symptoms and the range of treatments available for a herniated disc in the cervical spine.

A woman facing fibroids has a range of treatments available – from medication to removal of the uterus. McLeod OB/GYN Gary Emerson, MD, explains one robotic-assisted surgical treatment that can preserve a woman’s fertility.

Thanks to early diagnosis and a range of new treatment discoveries, women with breast cancer are seeing improved chances of long-term survival.

Hip pain often results from arthritis due to wear-and-tear. Treatments start with nonsurgical options and can lead to a total hip joint replacement, as McLeod Orthopedic Specialist Christopher Walsh, MD explains.

Cardiologist, who medically treat and perform some cardiac-related procedures, are an important specialty for heart patients. Yet at McLeod, cardiologists are just one part of a much larger team of heart and vascular specialists, as explained by McLeod Cardiologist Alan Blaker, MD: