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There’s something about Thanksgiving being just weeks away that gets us thinking about our perspective and attitude. Are we truly thankful? Instead of simply thinking about thankfulness and generosity more in the month of November, let’s use this as a time to not only search our hearts, but also start some habits that will grow …

Have deer gotten heavier, or am I just getting weaker? That question was rhetorical. I don’t want you to tell me how weak I am.

The upcoming holidays afford Billings-area residents opportunities galore to first be thankful and then get out and enjoy the spirit of the season.

Facebook investor Jonas Kron called for Mark Zuckerberg to resign his position at the social media network in the wake of the bombshell detail that the company hired a consulting firm to smear its ...

A man has recently come forward to sue British Airways for being seated next to an obese passenger on a flight more than two years ago. According to the man, the seating arrangement left him ...

Re/Max Southern Ohio has the top five benefits for buying a home in the fall.

Get started with Libby for easy downloads of e-books and audiobooks from Billings Public Library

The top Tim McGraw songs – as voted on by RE/MAX agents – and a few Tim tidbits to drop at your networking happy hours in Vegas.

The idea for this post came after watching an episode of Rich Kids of Instagram. I honestly don’t watch a lot of TV (just a few hours a month, at the most, is the norm for me because we don't have Netflix, cable, or local channels), but somehow I found this show and got sucked in. These people are wealthy, like super wealthy, but the show was basically about spending money to impress other people. And, my main thought the whole time was…