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Position Title: Field Organizer Position Type: Full TimeLocation: Los Angeles Start Date: Immediately Application Deadline: May 10, 2019 About GWC: Founded in 2001, the Garment Worker Center is a worker rights organization leading an anti-sweatshop movement to improve conditions for tens of...

Here at Seacology, our hearts are heavy with the devastating news from Sri Lanka. The senseless attacks as worshipers gathered for Easter services, as well as at hotels where families and friends gathered to share a meal, have befallen a nation that has seen far too much tragedy in the past several decades. As the …

President praised the benefits of a ‘strong market economy’ but did not echo warnings from scientists on rising temperatures

This episode was inspired by our study on artists and money, and was produced in collaboration with KCRW's The Organist.

New disclosures of the secretary's schedule add to questions surrounding his ties to past lobbying clients, including a California water district.

Doudna, a professor of chemistry and molecular and cell biology, spoke on Feb. 21, 2019, about the revolutionary gene-editing tool she co-invented, CRISPR-Cas9

While fires rage, sea levels rise, and the earth seems to speak its warnings, a passionate group of people have been hard at work to turn things around. In fact, while the scale of the climate crisis has grown, so has the band of grassroots leaders tackling these problems community by community. Who are these grassroots leaders? More often than not, women. Women in this country, and around the world, play a pivotal role in organizing resistance to environmental injustice and destruction.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

Wild One’s three dog treat offerings–sweet potato, chicken strips, and fish puffs–are made with no chemicals or fillers (and you can eat them, too, if you’re so inclined).

A crop of new startups is challenging the dominance of luxury brands, creating beautiful bags that put functionality first. I tried six of the best.

It took years of experimentation to create the five shades of glaze, each of which contains a different amount of finely ground ash.

Jumbo is like a concierge for privacy, cleaning out your old data and maintaining your privacy settings across your accounts and apps.

It’s not just Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doing silent meditation in Burma; more tech execs and business leaders are signing up for vipassana retreats, and million-dollar compounds are going up in Silicon Valley.

Best known as Issa Rae’s snarky younger brother on HBO’s “Insecure,” Elie is grateful for the big break–but he’s also ready to create his own bigger break.

A Canadian civil liberties group is taking aim at all three tiers of government for allegedly allowing Sidewalk Labs to make decisions about citizens’ privacy in Toronto.

Lessons from an Amazon warehouse, and a world where increasingly anything (and anyone) that can be measured, is.

Health experts have long lauded vitamin D as being beneficial to the body, causing many consumers to buy it up in huge amounts. Now, a new study has uncove

It’s too early to know what caused the devastating fire in Paris, but all it takes is a moment of negligence to burn a historic building to the ground.