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And now our watch has ended. Here are the three scenes fans will be talking about–and debating. SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Since the 1990 business cycle peak, wages are up 20% in real terms. And if you use the “personal consumption expenditures price index” rather than the CPI as the inflation measure -- it’s the one preferred by the Federal Reserve and Congressional Budget Office -- you find a 32% increase in average worker wages and about the same for the bottom fifth of workers.

More people die from breathing unclean air in Europe every year than are killed in road traffic accidents. Isn’t it time something was done?

With more people on social media than ever before, not having an effective social media presence is a huge missed opportunity. Though social media can be time-consuming, these 10 simple steps will help you maximize the time that you are able to spend on social, so that you can ensure you are getting the best return on your efforts.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn told investigators that people linked to the Trump administration and Congress reached out to him in an effort to interfere in the Russia probe, according to newly-unredacted court papers filed Thursday.

Leslie Jones has a viral moment that almost makes up for the cold open which Trump will probably take as a complement.

The effects of over-tourism can be dramatic for many places around the world. To ensure the Faroe Islands stay unaffected by tourism, volunteers were invited to repair and future proof tourist spots.

Some in the Republican Party are saying Alabama's new abortion bill goes too far. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

The Monster Box includes one to three 1909 - 1911 T206 cards per box.
1909-11 T206 Baseball is referred to as "The Monster". It's one of the most widely-collected sets of any era and any sport. This set has some very scarce cards which allows for an exciting collection and a great investment.

If you can give an effective and memorable presentation, you’re a better advocate for your patient.

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Congress could help provide long-awaited privacy protections for Americans, but it also risks halting important experimentation.